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shared an experience

Postby DianaMoon » Sun Aug 16, 2015 9:59 am

A couple years ago it started that I shared an experience with my boyfriend. We were in bed and I was woken up by a spiritual presence. Upon waking, eyes open, I felt a tingle all over my body and couldn't move, paralyzed but my eyes could see in the dark. Next to me was a dark figure of a man, he then moved around the bed to my boyfriends side. In my mind I'm screaming, because I had no voice, "J wake up! Someone is in our room!" Repeatedly I screamed this in my mind, as the thought of being drugged built a new fear. I was terrified because I was helpless to stop it.

The spirit figure moved closer, and like a bolt of lightning my boyfriend was on his feet, fists drawn and reaching into the closet, on his side of the bed, pulling at whatever was in reach but always coming out empty handed. (That closet was loaded with hanging clothes.) His arm had disappeared in the closet up to his elbow three times.

From what I could see he was reaching into a black cloudy hole. What he saw was the dark figure and light in the center of the cloudy hole. It disappears, and my boyfriend turned the lights on. He was soaking wet in sweat so bad he rung out his shirt and toweled off. At that moment I could move again.

I didn't know what happened, I'd never pulled anyone into my world before. But then I've never had the other world be real. Before this day my boyfriend was a non believer of spirits and ghosts. He doesn't know what woke him up, but swears he heard me screaming.

I don't know what happened still, but my boyfriend and I share dreams same time of night, waking at certain points at the same time even. Any ideas?
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Re: shared an experience

Postby Mirrorgirl29 » Thu Feb 25, 2016 2:21 pm

Can you describe this figure further?
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