a question on auric sight

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a question on auric sight

Postby negative » Sat Feb 06, 2016 8:30 pm

hi, my progress in developing auric sight is extremely slow. the only thing that i can see is a little blue around everything bright with a dark background ( even on pictures so it is not aura )
it can get a little more after months of practice ( on both chackras and practicing on seeing auras ) . i also tried for telekinesis and failed all the time.
i sometimes experience telekinesis and auric sight or seeing things with closed eyes.in my dreams in a way that i know it is made of my imagination.
sometimes i try . i succeed . then try few things to find out if i'm sleep or awake and then find out that yup, i'm sleep. then wake up. if i am sleep and i think that i'm awake. this will happen till i am finally awake and fail in using the ability.
so this morning i woke up. then tried to go to sleep again when i realized something . i was seeing some really really faint lines and borders. i checked. my eyes were closed. i rotated my head. the lines moved. i did this again few times as i concentrated to increase the effect. i hold my hand in front of my self and i was able to see a really unclear image of my hand. closed and opened and moved my fingers. it was really my hand. i thought that i'm seeing things again during my sleep. i sat on my bed. looked and my hand again and again. and i was awake! :shock: and it was happening!. the effect remained for few minutes but i stopped doing it due to it's high concentration requirement.
after i opened my eyes. there wasn't any thing different and i wasn't able to see any auras as usual.
i have to figure out what i am doing wrong ( psychic teachers can't be found in iran ) so i am asking this question.

what is the difference between "white" and "black" background for seeing aura?
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Re: a question on auric sight

Postby Mirrorgirl29 » Fri Feb 26, 2016 10:04 am

I'm not really a psychic teacher or anything but I could try to help. I ask a lot of questions just so I can classify a person's "gift". And I may be able to help you define this "ability" and help classify your skill.

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