Equinox, a new request, please ...

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Equinox, a new request, please ...

Postby tuulen » Tue May 03, 2016 11:19 am

How about a new forum, sort of an "in the middle ground" sort of forum? There is the "new members introduce yourself here" forum, and then there are all of the other forums. Yet I notice that I can post a new thread or respond to an existing thread and then following that there could be dozens or possibly even hundreds of hits on that thread, which shows some interest. Great! But despite the number of hits there then are few responses and usually no responses at all.

OK, you and I know that witchcraft can be a very "delicate" topic, a topic not to be taken lightly, a topic which can demand far more from a person than perhaps your average person could be prepared to handle.

And so how about opening a new Middle Ground forum? It could be a place where members here could check in, say hello and that they are participating here but are not yet ready to comment, as a nice, safe middle ground for them to be.

Not everybody is ready to make such a commitment. That commitment does not come easily and only happens when it must.
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